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Starz Beer is brewed in one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States. It’s fully kraeusened to produce carbonation naturally for a clean, smooth taste. It’s brewed with six-row barley malt, and hops from the Yakima Valley, giving this lager a great taste. One drink is all it takes to realize…

…Out of the Common Comes The Extraordinary

Some Beer Facts

% of Alcohol by Weight

Light Beer- 2.3-3.5
Ale- 2.5-6.0
Lager- 3.1-4.3
Pilsner- 3.2-4.4
Porter- 3.4-5.0
Stout- 3.5-8.0
Wheat- 3.6-4.5
Amber- 3.9-4.7
Malt Liquor- 4.4-9.0
Barley Wine- 6.5-13.0

Generally stronger than beer, they have a uniqueness all their own.

Pale Ale

Range from mild to bitter in taste.

Golden Ale

Lighter yet than Pale Ale. It’s fairly dry and closer to lager.


A dark ale on the heavy side, ranging towards the stout in consistency.


Lagers are aged for 6-8 weeks at a time and are light colored, crisp, and most have lower alcohol content. English versions of lager are found to be lighter in taste, probably due to the fact that Brits drink their brews at room temperature. Within the lager family are several main grades:


A lighter body with slightly more carbonation than medium grades of beer.


A full bodied strong brew, high in alcohol content. Color ranges between dark brown and golden.

Ice Beer

Contains a higher alcohol content.

Light beer

Light beer generally has less alcohol and lower calories.

Malt Liquor

Malt liquor boasts a very high alcohol content.


Stout beer is produced by additional roasting of the barley and a higher concentration of hops, which gives it the signature bitter taste. Because of this fact, many brands add sweeteners such as oatmeal, sugar, fruit flavours and even chocolate.

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